To preserve the roots and develop Sudan with strong hands from the nation.

Our heritage and originality combine sophistication and teamwork for a country that everyone is proud of and at all levels, the platform of the sons of Sudan abroad to serve them and develop the country with the hands of its children ... together to advance the acceleration of development

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The platform works to finance development projects in Sudan by involving all Sudanese abroad.

The projects proposed for investment include investment in the agricultural field, infrastructure, electricity and energy sectors in all parts of Sudan ... Building homelands by means of their own.

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Advancing the internal economy through organized transfers.

To enhance the Sudanese economic strength and to maintain the growth wheel in all fields through remittances from expatriates that will preserve the cash flow of foreign currency .

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Sudanese Abroad Service Portal is a modern way to serve the Sudanese comunity abroad, the platform is connected with most of needed autherity to give you the fast service.
All what you need to start your business in Sudan as an experties
Renew documents or ID's or any govermental access is done automaticaly.
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